Laura Brown


David Rowe

Laura Brown and David Rowe

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Our Story

Spoiler: We get engaged in the end.

Three years ago in the beautiful upper valley of New Hampshire, Dave and Laura met at the most unexpected place: Tuck Business School! Neither of them Dartmouth students, nor residents of the Granite State, it was an unusual, though auspicious, beginning.

Dave, punctual, if not neurotic, was waiting, alone in an empty auditorium, patiently (an hour early) for the first lecture to begin. A noise erupted at the back of the room! Dave turned around to see a girl burst through the door. Laura, dressed like a hoodlum, but already well-liked and well-connected, was being given a tour of the facilities by an administrator. They made eye contact for the first time and, though they didn't know it at the time, both had the exact same thought float through their minds, "Who's that weirdo?"

For four weeks they were inseperable. Through macroeconomics and kayaking, spreadsheet modeling and hiking, and stategic management and s'mores, they bonded. By the time they left their weird business school camp thing, they were completely in love.

Harsh reality set in the form of the inevitability of returning to school and a long-distance relationship. But with love and, often more importantly, pragmatic effortfulness, they made it work. A lot of stuff happened. Like, a whole lot of stuff. And then they got engaged! And now they're getting married! And you're all invited to celebrate it with them!
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